Silver Lining Circus Camp is a developmental circus arts program (DCAP) that strives to benefit the bodies, hearts, and minds of children and teens in age-appropriate ways through circus skills, activities, and performances.

Silver Lining's aim to promote emotional and social well-being lies at the heart of our program. As campers persevere through the challenges of learning new circus skills, they gradually achieve basic competency which can lead to a rise in confidence and self-esteem. This sense of accomplishment can lead to feelings of joy and pride in what they have learned. SLCC provides a positive social environment where coaches model language and actions that encourage and support the campers to encourage and support each other. Together, campers build cooperation skills and trust to produce an end-of week show (or "Share" in the junior camps) in which individual efforts attain a collective goal. Success for one equals success for all! 

A CircusLearning experience can also benefit developing minds, a conviction that is capturing the attention of developmental and cognitive scientists. The process of learning complex physical circus skills and of putting skills together into a performance places demands on concentration, focused attention, and self-control, all of which are executive functions that are critical for success in school, work, and relationships. Increasing evidence in academic literature shows that executive functions (EFs) are more likely to improve through activities that include strenuous physical activity, joy and social connections, and challenges that lead to more advanced stages of mastery. Circus arts offers each of these benefits, individually and collectively. Attending Silver Lining Circus Camp is a fun and effective way to get started and keep going! 

SLCC benefits bodies through fun and challenging circus skills that can increase physical fitness (strength, endurance) and motor fitness (coordination, balance, reaction time). The unique family of circus skills offers many opportunities for campers to have successful experiences no matter what their capabilities and learning styles. CircusLearning programs are inclusive and our coaches are trained to accommodate individual campers whether they are new to circus or experienced. Circus skills taught at Silver Lining range from tumbling and acrobatics, to juggling (eye-hand coordination), to balance, to clowning. (SLCC does not offer aerials.) Even after one week, campers report they feel stronger, more flexible, and more coordinated.

My daughter was a painfully shy and insecure child. She didn't know how to comfortably communicate with others, especially in new environments. It was amazing to see her finding her way to "speak" during the circus camp, and more than that - the effect it had on her confidence the entire school year after attending the camp!! She found that showing off what you know and who you are could be actually fun!! What joy it is to see her blooming!!                                                                                                                                                          ~a satisfied parent