Jonathon Roitman - Flying Gravity Circus Director and Silver Lining Youth Camp Director


* BA in French Translation and Literature, McGill University
* Graduate, National Circus School of Montreal
* Performer, Rain by Cirque Eloize, international tour in 12 countries
* Coach, Independent Lake Camp
* Coach, National Circus School of Montreal Recreational Program
* Coach, Silver Lining Circus Camp since 2004
* Director, Flying Gravity Circus 2012


Silver Lining Circus Camp Youth Program Director Jonathon Roitman, age 31, grew up in the Wilton NH, and attended both the Pine Hill and High Mowing Waldorf Schools for 14 years. His performing career began at Andy's Summer Playhouse, where he performed for seven years, and his first taste of circus was in the Hilltop Circus. During his high school years at High Mowing, his interest in circus, especially juggling and partner acrobatics, continued to grow. He attended Circus Smirkus advanced camp for three summers, and was a founding member of the Flying Gravity Circus. While studying at McGill University in Montreal, Jonathon attended a three-year pre-professional training program at the Verdun Circus School. After obtaining his B.A. in French translation and literature, he studied for four years at the National Circus School in Montreal, majoring in duo juggling. Upon graduating, he performed for a year and a half with the show Rain, by Cirque Eloize. Besides circus, his interests include foreign languages, books, photography and singing.