To promote age-appropriate, youth-centered circus arts education to children and teens through teaching, performance, and media.


As an archetype, circus arts provide a path for young people to realize their innate potential ~ not only in circus but in whatever endeavors they pursue throughout their lives.



CircusLearning, LLC was registered by Jackie and Rick Davis in the state of New Hampshire in 2006 as the umbrella organization for three youth circus programs serving the greater Souhegan Valley and Monadnock region: the Silver Lining Circus Camp, a summer day camp for children ages 5-18+ with a touring program for teens called the Silver Lining Youth Circus; the Flying Gravity Circus, a school-year extracurricular program for experienced circus youth; and school programs, an in-school and after-school circus arts residency program. These are developmental circus arts (DCA) programs that promote physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. read more 

Silver Lining Circus Camp and Flying Gravity Circus grew out of the curricular Hilltop Circus program at Pine Hill Waldorf School in Wilton, NH that was founded in 1996 by Jackie Davis; Jackie was Pine Hill’s movement education teacher for 17 years.

Jackie and Rick are indebted to author and youth circus advocate Robert Sugarman for the term "Circus Learning" from his book: Sugarman, R. (2001). Circus for Everyone: Circus Learning Around the World. Shaftsbury, VT: Mountainside Press.

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